Ok, any DSL provider out there can provide me a /28 routed subnet?

Ok, any DSL provider out there can provide me a /28 routed subnet in Arlington TX area? Zip code is 76017. The phone number I want to put this on is 817-467-xxxx.

No sticky, no dynamic, no PPPoE, no NATing. I need 14 useable public IPs on the LAN side of my firewall and 1 on the WAN side so it is a routed /28 that I want, not bridged version.

I called many places and most do not know what a routed /28 is.

3MB down and 768Mb up at least. I have the DSL modem and a PIX-506 so I will install myself.
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That's because you are not speaking their language. Tell them you want

13 static IP addresses. (16 in the subnet, less one for broadcast, one for the network name, and one for the router.)


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David Schwartz

Finding any non PPPoE DSL these days is a trick. And if they tell you it's not, then likely their modem is hiding it from you. Most setups these days have the router handle this.

As to a routed /28, have you tried asking for a block of 16 static IP addresses. That's something the person on the phone may recognize and turn you over to the right person to handle.

I have what you want but it's PPPoE. From the phone company it would cost me $150 into my house. I'm buying it from a local ISP and there normal price would be $90 but I get a deal due to the referrals I've given them.

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David Ross

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