Is there any Adapter Switching Software out there???

Here's the story:

I want my users's Wireless cards to be disabled when the Network cable is plugged into the on board NIC on our LAN (for security purposes).

They currently have Intel Pro/Wireless 2100 cards with the PROSet software. It doesn't support "adapter switching", I've checked up on this thoroughly.

Is there some 3rd party stuff that I can use for this?

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Sorta. Netswitcher:

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problem is that it does not automatically switching between wireless and wired when you insert or remove the ethernet jack+. It requires that the user manually select the proper "location".

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Jeff Liebermann

Sounds reasonable to me. The WiFi NIC is not able to connect to that range, so if you can ping the wired gateway at its known address, you want to disable the WiFi, knowing that you are plugged in.

If manually isn't good enough, what about a domain login script, or a background scheduled process that checked every five minutes? Is five minutes too long?

I disable and enable my WiFi manually, by clicking on desktop icons that call a microsoft device control routine.

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Assuming Windows, I doubt such exists. If you find something like this though, please post back here. I am certain you aren't the only one who would find a program like that handy in the extreme.

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