any body can help me connecting CABLE modem to Accesspoint from there to Laptop wirelessle

hi eddi,

i have some probloem, with WAG54 adsl gateway.

when i have BT connection i use to use adsl gateway an modem and wirelesee router. so use to connect through my laptop . i am using internet. very thing is fine.

now i changed my service provider from BT to Telewest.

so telewest provide cable modem for broadband access.

what i did i connected Cable modem to my ADSL gateway from there i want to access my Laptop. when i connect with wire to my laptop from gateway i can able to access Internet.

when i disconnect cable i tried to connect wireless then my laptop connects to my Accesspoint but i can't acess the internet.

page can't dilply.

keep on talking with Lynksys they are spending some 3 hour says wait let us refer some documents nothing progress,

Can you give me any solutions please/



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This will not work. Your WAG54 is designed to go from ADSL to ethernet. In order to use it as a wireless router, you would need to have access to the connection between the ADSL modem bridge section and the WAN port on the router section. These are not accessible in the WAG54. Methinks it best that you sell the WAG54 and purchase any ethernet wireless router, which will work.

There is one thing you can do, but I don't recommend it. You can configure and wire your WAG54 to act as a wireless access point. I don't recommend doing this because you don't have a router to protect your computer from attacks via the internet. In the access point configuration, the ADSL modem and router sections of the WAG54 are not used. Configuration details if you want them, but I don't recommend doing this.

Your configuration is not a commonly used arrangement. I would not expect Linksys support to be able to configure something that cannot be done.

Purchase an ethernet wireless router and attach it to your existing cable modem. Sell the WAG54. Purchase a keyboard with a functional caps lock key.

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