Network problem relating to static ip address and router

I've set up a local area connection between my laptop and desktop using a router to access the internet. I used a wireless card in my laptop for the first time last weekend and had to change my internet protocal to obtain a static IP address in order to make it work. In doing so I messed up my LAN so that everything now crawls at a snail's pace on my laptop. My internet connection DSL connection is very very slow on my laptop only when connected through the router. I am not able to access files on my desktop using my ethernet connection. I reset the Internet Protocal back to obtain a IP address automatically but this doesn't help.

Any advice would be appreciated.

If this is the wrong group please advise me.

P. Renfree

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P Renfree
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You have given no clue what OS, hardware/firmware versions, signal strength or quality, or what each system shows for its IP, netmask, gateway, DNS.

Changing your "internet protocol to obtain a static IP address" for your laptop does not make sense. Either you set a static IP, netmask, gateway, or you set it to get those automatically from your router (DHCP). Nameserver(s) also need to set if not using DHCP.

For wireless, it often helps to use a static IP, especially if your connection comes and goes. But for some routers that must be within their DHCP assigned range, and for others it needs to be outside of DHCP range, but within the LAN network. Sometimes moving my laptop an inch left or right greatly affects signal strength.

If your laptop has built-in ethernet, make sure that it does NOT have an IP in the same network as your wireless card.

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