Wireless - IP address problem?

I don't know much about computers at all - today we got our modem and tried to set it up, and ethernet works fine, but I have been tearing my hair out about the wireless all afternoon! If I leave the setting on "Obtain an IP address automatically", wireless will stay stuck on Acquiring Network Address and if I click Repair, will stay stuck on Renewing IP Address. If I enter an IP address manually, it will mostly connect with excellent signal - but when I open either IE 7 or Firefox, will not let me access the internet, as if it was not connected at all!

I had a similar problem at a friend's place once and the person who fixed it for me simply entered a new IP address in Internet Options >

Connections > LAN Settings > Use automatic configuration script. I have been trying different ones in there all afternoon but nothing has worked. Does the IP address I enter in there have to correspond with another one?

As of now, it says in Network Connections that my Local Area Connection is using IP Address 192.168.167 and says the same in the Local Network Devices List via my router homepage (and its Status: Active). As for wireless, in Network Connections the IP address is at and in the Devices list says my computer is using IP address for it (Status: Inactive...even when "connected"). When I try to manually set it to or another IP address via Internet Protocol, it will connect with excellent signal but I cannot acces the internet. It will also say Encryption: Disabled in Network Connections whatever IP address I set it to. What does this mean?

I have a feeling I'm doing something wrong with the values I'm entering in perhaps LAN Settings and/or a manual IP address for wireless.

I am using XP on an Acer5101 and a Speedtouch "BeBox" router.

Any suggestions at all would be most appreciated! :( Sorry if my description of the problem was rather crap.

Thanks, Tash (London)

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