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Suddenly can't get the ip address to renew when connecting wirelessly to internet from old (HP Presario 700) laptop.

Been working fine since got the laptop 6 weeks ago, now the linksys card software says I am connected to access point, but the internet cannot be found. Made absolutely no changes to anything, worked one day and not the next. Try to repair connection and it stops with the "renewing your IP address". Unfortunately it then tells me to see the person managing my network to fix, but that's me..... HELP! haha

Linksys router is WRT54G

Thanks for any assistance...


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Power the router off and on again....

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David Taylor

Nice looking piece of junk laptop. I have a customer that went through two of these under warranty. The problem is that they tend to overheat. Once we got past the overheated RAM problems by carefully selecting SODRAM cards, I found that I could cook an egg on anything I shoved into the PCMCIA/Cardbus slot. Most wireless cards would work for a while but eventually overheat. The only solution was to turn it off, let it cool down, and try again. The customer got fed up with this, and bought a new laptop. If you put some rubber feet on the bottom of the laptop and get it a few mm above the table, it won't overheat quite so rapidly.

I can't help much on the wireless end because "Linksys card" isn't a very good description of your wireless client. Standard advice is to:

  1. Reboot everything from a power off state.
  2. Try connecting to another access point to see if it's the access point or the laptop that's hung.
  3. If you suspect the WRT54G, then take the laptop to a free wireless hot spot and see how it works there. If it survives, there's probaly something wrong with the WRT54G. If it also craps out at the hot spot, it's the laptop.
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