Mac address on your modem??

Warren's response marks a new high in lows for this forum - a smug, idiotic answer, thinly wrapped in supposed pedagogy. What in hell do you think learning _is_ but asking questions? How does your reply help or enlighten in any way? What does it accomplish but tell the original poster and every other reader that you're an a s s h o l e ? What a gross, overinflated ego you must have to imagine yourself master of the bizarre scenarios you create in your reply:

"Thousands of "students" learned to parrot-back answers to questions that were likely to be on the test, and got their MCSE's with no education in computer networking."

"If that's your idea of "education", then go ahead. Just tell him the answer. When someone asks him how he knows it's the right answer, he can say that R.P. gave him the answer, and they'll have to ask you if they want to know why it's right. But will you know why it's right, or will you just be relying on an education that consisted of people telling you the answers to the questions?"

None of which is suggested in the original question from Lance. Instead, we get a rant feverishly built on the peeves and fears of poor beseiged Warren.

Then follows a graph beginning, "Besides, his question wasn't very concise," suggesting that if his question were properly framed, perhaps an answer from His Eminence Warren would be forthcoming - effectively undercutting the previous argument that he must learn to find the answers for himself.

Warren, education comes in many forms. I hope this schooling has been useful for you.

Lance: these links may provide some useful information:

formatting link

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He posts to the Cable News Group. Not the xDSL News Group!


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