Is there a performance advantage to having DSL on a phone line of its own?

Hi. I currently have DSL and a separate phone line dedicated to it. I've done it this way since I became a subscriber a few years ago.

I'm considering a change in this arrangement to save some money. If I move my DSL subscription to my other phone line, the one that I use for voice and fax, will I see my DSL performance degrade?

(I know about the filters that the DSL companies provide, but I was always afraid of even the slightest performance hit, so I just dedicated a line to DSL from the gitgo.)

Thanks, Roger Carlson

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You'll see no change in performance.

I also use a dedicated line. But that is because I want to be able to use it for dedicated dial up during a DSL outage without affecting my prime voice line. Here in Denver, with Qwest, the additional phone line (with no extras) is about $15/mo.


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Once again, I will recommend that you throw away the cheap filters and get a decent whole house splitter. They cost about $35. They have several advantages:

1) Your DSL speed won't be affected by the quality of your phone wiring. 2) Your DSL won't take errors when you connect phones, disconnect, phones, pick up phones, receive phone calls, and so on. 3) You won't lose your DSL connection when you connect a fax machine, alarm panel, new telephone, or modem and forget to put a filter on it.


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David Schwartz

In addition to the other posts, keep your DSL line and add POTS (voice) to it. That way, you don't have to deal with the telco trying, and waiting, to get DSL service on the other line. Keep the phone line until DSL line gets provisioned for voice.

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Hi Roger,

This is how my DSL is connected and it works fine for me. My Voice, Fax, Modem (which gets very little use these days) and DSL all co-operate perfect for me. One thing I do recommend though is that you use a "whole of house" ADSL Filter, and not individual outlet filters.

ADSL Filters have ZERO affect on the ADSL signals, however they do have a very slight affect on Voice traffic.

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