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I'm trying to setup a vpn connection between two offices. The server is at location A and at location B computers access the server at Location A to get patient info from a Sybase 5.5 database.

I am looking at the various cable modem/adsl upload speeds and was wondering if the speeds at the low end like 364kbps or 768kbps would be too low for this (taking into account the VPN overhead)thus making the data retrieval too slow. And also since location B does not upload data to location A I take it that upload speed from Location B does not have to be as fast as that from location A.


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see about getting a leased line or maybe a dry pair between the two sites

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Logan Patrick Bales

384kbps or 768kbps is actually high end in many (most) areas for cable or dsl upload speeds. In fact you can't get any higher upload speeds than 384k on ADSL as far as I know. Most cable providers around here only offer 384K upload to their top service level tier customers.

Anyway, YES, these would generally be to slow for database server access in most cases.

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T. Sean Weintz

On Fri, 23 Jul 2004 18:06:25 GMT, "T. Sean Weintz" wrote in news: snipped-for-privacy@news.supernews.com:

Given the market for VoIP being dependent on higher upload speeds, DSL provider(s) here have upgraded to ~800kbps up and

3Mbps down. Obviously the normal distance factor applies.

I see 500kbps upload on my servers over DSL which is likely limited by other factors.

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Dave Null Sr.

A VPN can run over a Dial-up connection, so the connection speed is not really an issue for the VPN itself. A Rule-of-thumb approach is to take between 5-15% of the AVAILABLE bandwidth off for the VPN overhead, then work out what the Applications that USE the VPN have available. The large variation is because of the way in which the VPN may be used by your applications, EG a "Chatty" application would be at the higher end.

Logically speaking, that is correct, however remember that most data movement has some return control path data as well, however it may be minuscule compared to the primary data flow.

Bottom line is, if a Dial-up connection can allow 1 person to use the facility, then a Cable or ADSL service of 256Kb upload should provide sufficient capacity for about 8-10 people with similar performance. Of course as usual xxxGb of bandwidth is never enough.........;-)


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jj schrieb:

Just some data base records?

Should be fine if you dont want to retrieve dozens of records with one access. But it will be a problem if you want to download X-rays or so. The high quality of these means VERY high amounts of data.


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Wolfgang Barth

I'd like to thank everyone who replied to my question. I wrote an e-mail to the vendor of the software program, to see what the bandwidth requirement was for their product, but they were not sure. So I am going to try it and see how it works. The DSL vendors all have

30 day money back guarantees so if it's too slow I can just cancel the service.


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