DSL Ethernet over power line

WHAT are you talking about?

DSL and Ethernet over Powerline are two different things...

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Is DSL Ethernet over power line working at this moment? Who is able to supply the good equipments?

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DSL works over phone lines. Period. What you are referring to is "ethernet" over powerline... And thus, yes ethernet over powerline works. I have used it and obviously access is its strong point. Also, I believe standards have been established and I look for it (if marketed well) - will be a major wireline contender.

With that said, specifically, what are looking 2do?


Tan Wrote:

able to

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Hi P2E,

i'm very much interested in this ethernet over powerline. Are there any websites which can help me better understand this technology?

thanks, Ted

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Just ask your local HAM radio operator, you'll get an earful...

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