Ethernet Power Line Adapters

I am looking for information on Ethernet power line adapters. In particular, I am curious if anyone has had trouble with them working across the two legs of a 120/240 VAC system, as sometimes occurs with X10 systems? At the other extreme, has there ever been an incident where a second residence has been able to access the network of the first residence because they were attached to the same pole transformer secondary?

If this is the wrong group to post this in, my apologies, but it seems that people that understand X10 problems, and also used Ethernet power line adapters, would also have a good feel for the performance of Ethernet power line adapters and their weaknesses

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Thanks, I will take a look for it.

I was not aware of that. I thought the power line adapters were only providing a path, essentially turning the house wiring into an Ethernet cable. I did not know they had any innate security. I have never seen it mentioned, but will have to look harder now.

True, but depending how robust they are, it might work in 20% of all cases leg to leg or 95%. I have no experience as to what the probability of success is for leg to leg.

Thanks for your input.

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