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I am just curious. What is power over ethernet and what is it used for?



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Jared Perkins
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Pretty much just what it sounds like. You get electricity over the ethernet cables along with the data.

PoE-dependant equipment does not get plugged into the wall, so all you need is a network drop instead of a network drop and electrical conduit and power distribution panels and extension cords etc..

You don't get a -lot- of power via PoE, but it is enough to be used with VOIP phones, for example.

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Walter Roberson

But it really really really addresses the issue of keeping the computer network and all devices on it on an isolated power source or UPS. Getting "good" power to wireless access points or VIOP phones can be a real hassle without it.

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Aside from VoIP phones, wireless access points and networked security cameras, you can also charge your electrical shaver via a powered Ethernet port. I cannot recall the manufacturer but someone had the shaver charger on their booth at an exhibition couple years ago just to amuse the crowd. Pretty much anything that can be tethered to a network outlet and can use

13W of power can benefit from PoE.
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