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OK, um, on october 6th of 2005 we moved from Burbank, CA 91502 to North Hollywood, CA 91606. In burbank we had SBC phoneline services and DSL everything was fine. After we moved we called to get our phone and dsl activated and they told us they would. well the phone got activated but my dsl never did and we called and they said that sbc dsl couldnt be installed in our area. ok, so i called dslextreme and i ordered it and everything and they said it would be up in 7 days, i waited 7 days and nothing. I called and they said that it should already be activated and they told me they'd call sbc because they are our phone line company to see if there was a problem. dsl extreme calls back saying that sbc said that dsl could not be installed in our area because i live too far away from some main office thing. so now i cant get dsl and must get cable and i cannot get cable because cable is twice as expensive and the professional installation would cost me an extra $100. and today i went to broadbandreports.com and start doing some searching. i put in my zipcode and my phone number and address and what not and it says that i SHOULD be able to get dsl in my area: "YEP!, your CO is wired for DSL from one or more DSL networks. Since you appear to be living less than 18000 feet from the CO, you should be able to find DSL service from the options below." saying that i live about 13980 feet from my nearest wire center(Wire center (CO)NHWDCA02). And now i'm very confused because they've told me that i cannot get dsl in my home and bbr says i can. i want to know if its because of sbc being my phone company and them having their dsl office center thing too far away from my home or what. also my friend lives 3 streets down from my house and he gets sbc. i'm very frustrated. any help would be greatly appreciated.

thank you

my zipcode: 91606 by the way, phone: 818-762-XXXX

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