Can't access Yahoo Mail after DSL installation

My yahoo mail was working fine with my AOL dial up connection. But right after i installed Verizon DSL... i checked my Yahoo Mail.. it wont let me open my inbox. I got up to after signing in to yahoo mail. But when i clicked inbox to see my mails. It load really slow and after a minute or two IE says page cannot be displayed. Firefox said ...connection timed out.. somthing like that. I tried putting

formatting link
in trusted sites from IE... it still nothing... i checked my mail on my friends computer it works fine. My first blame is definitely my new DSL Verizon.. it was working fine till i installed my DSL =\\

OS: Windows 98 SE

help... please... thanks in advace..

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I sort of doubt it is the DSL itself.

My best WAG is this is a cookie problem, although one normally gets some sort of warning page from Yahoo about enabling cookies. Given the problem appears in both IE and Firefox, I'm wondering if you installed, at the same time you went to DSL, any separate software that would interfere with cookies or email, like anti-virus, anti-spyware or firewall software.

Gary E

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Gary A. Edelstein

Try configuring your router for MTU of 1492. If you don't have a router, get one yesterday!

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William P. N. Smith

Same thing happened to us, using a router. One computer we could get email, send and recieve, the other one we could not. As William said change it to 1492, on ours we had to set it to 1400

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it worked now... thank you all for d suggestions..

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