bridge tap?

My apartment has two phone wall jacks. They are not chained, both come straight from the phone box for the entire building.

This is apparently called a bridge tap. Effectively, it is delaying my DSL installation. I want to deal with it now without waiting weeks for the telco to take action.

What would happen if I open one of my two phone jacks and short-circuit the wires? Strictly technical, forget the legal aspects.

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Wiki has a nice article:

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If it isn't too long, a simple DSL filter might sufficiently terminate the unused run. You'd need one anyways to connect voice devices. Star wiring in modern construction is very similar, as is attaching to the middle of the traditional daisy chain.

-- Robert

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Robert Redelmeier

Joe, if you short the wiring on one jack you will kill the dial tone on the other, assuming they are tied together at the telco underground. Have your telco tech install the filter at the UG (underground) for the 2nd phone/jack, better yet put the DSL on another pair, most newer apartments are wired with 4 Pair and typically use the W-Bl (white-blue) pair for the tel line, so you could use the W-Br (white-brown) pair for the DSL, make sure they put the filter at the UG, the phone tech can figure it out, while they are out have them check for BT (bridge tap) on the telco cable, there is almost always end tap at apartments. What telco do you have, Qwest DSL techs use a 3M 965DSP with TDR (time domain reflectometer) for checking for BT, make sure they use it and not some old "kick meter" from the 40's! The Sidekick meter is no good for DSL either, lots of techs like them because they are fast, fine for analog but no good for digital service. Steve

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Bridged extensions are not the same thing as a bridge tap. A bridge tap occurs when one cable is spliced into another to break out cable pairs that will appear in more than one location but it usually causes attenuation and raises the impedance of the line. Taps can be broken but it is usually an expensive proposition.

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