Amtel Apartment Entry Security Phone [telecom]

In a recent building demolition I grabbed an Amtel Apartment entry type phone. (I can email pictures). Basically there is no display on the unit...just a handset, hookswitch, red indicator "in use" light, and a touchtone keypad. The part number on the Pc board inside is

60-08241, and the designation is AMTEL CLASSIC. I have some limited programming instructions from the client, but I need to know the interconnect on the terminal board inside, i.e. terminals for the power, AC?DC? voltage? Door lock contacts? Pick up the phone, hit a four digit number, person answers, and hits a touch tone to let you in. Does anyone have anything on this unit? I can send you pictures if that will help.


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A history question if I may...

I once visited a New York City apartment building years ago (pre divesture) where it appeared that the door entry system was provided by the Bell System. The resident dialed (on their regular rotary phone) a code to admit visitors. I only saw this in one building; every other apt building I visited had a non Bell intercom system.

Would anyone know if this was a standard Bell System offering, or a specialized service?

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