Bridge between two wireless cards


I have a wireless home network which is set up as ad-hock. In addition one of the computers has another wireless card which is connected to Internet trough an external antenna and a distant access point (using VPN).

I have been told that it is possible to make a bridge and include those two wireless network cards in this bridge. In this way it should be possible to connect the other computers in my home network to the Internet (trough VPN)

I have established the bridge and included the two cards like various instructions say. I have also enabled "ForcecompabilityMode" for both cards (like some instruction said). But when the bridge is enabled I loose all connection with the Internet.

When using DHCP the network bridge gets an 169....IP-address. Isn't the bridge supposed to get an IP from the external network? (the one connected to Internet). I have tried to renew the address, but I get som error messages that this can't be done...

Is there anyone who have an idea on what I might be doing wrong here?


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Terje Midtbø
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