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Why doesn't the D-Link get it's address via DHCP? Basically by using two different private subnets, you're telling the network you don't want them to communicate.


If you have a router in the mix, _it_ gets its address on the host network from the hotspot's DHCP, and then assigns addresses on a 192.168.*.* subnet to _your_ network.

You don't, and you can't without a router. Sounds like this isn't really a _public_ hotspot, just an open one.

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Derek Broughton
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I have a public hotspot that I want to access using my D-Link DWL-2000AP+ but Ive been unable to do it! The L-Link is set up as wireless client and when I search for available wireless networks it finds the hotspot with SSID "802_11g" on chanel 6 and it parses the MAC address from him.

I know that the hotspot is DHCP enabled in the range 10.0.0.X and gives as gateway the IP and DNS

The D-Link is configured with DHCP disabled and IP but I'm unable to set the gateway as!!! I don't want and I can't put the D-Link with a IP in the range 10.0.0.X as I don't want to conflict with the hotspot network!

In the computer side, I've put a IP like and gateway but nothing! The only way to access to the hotspot network was with the D-Link with IP and the computer with IP but this will use 2 IP's on the public network and later it will use maybe more as I will put my Asus WL-500g connected to the D-Link so that the Asus will make the wireless transmission to my network!

What config should I make in the D-Link side, keeping in mind that I need to have a IP range different from the one of the public network?

Thanks, Miguel

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