WUSB11 USB Cable Wiring

Does anyone know what the wiring pattern of the WUSB11's USB connecting cable is?

I bought a pair of WUSB11 (v2.6) adapters at a garage sale. The seller had lost the USB cables that came with it, but I figured it was no big deal since I have spare USB cables at home.

It wasn't until I got home that I noticed that the WUSB11 expects a Type A USB connector on its end instead of the usual Type B. I finally found a store that sells a USB cable that has male Type A connectors on both ends and bought one.

I downloaded the drivers from the Linksys site, installed them on the intended Windows ME machine, then connected one of the WUSB11s with the new cable. The machine was supposed to detect the adapter and add it as a device, but it never did; the Power LED on the adapter lights up, but the Link LED stays off. Tried the other WUSB11 with the same result.

I double checked that the USB port I was using was working (mouse plugged in works fine), then tried both adapters on a separate Windows XP machine which didn't detect that I had plugged in a USB device either. I figure either a) I bought a pair of bum adapters or b) the USB cable that Linksys ships isn't a "standard" USB cable.

I took a continuity tester to my cable, and found that my USB cable has like pins wired to each other (i.e. Pin 1 on one connector is wired to Pin 1 on the other); I was careful to insulate the probe from the outer shield.

Has anyone ever done anything similar with the USB cable that Linksys ships? Does it have like pins connected together, or did they cross some of the wires? (I tried asking Linksys technical support, but they just want me to buy a new cable from Linksys sales.)

Thanks in advance!


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Hi, David:

Thanks for the reply. Do you have a WUSB11 cable that you could confirm this with using a continuity tester? Does anyone?


David Goodenough wrote:

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As far as I know they should just be 1-1, 2-2, 3-3 and 4.4. Two of them are signal lines, the other two are power lines.

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David Goodenough

Did you ever get your usb adapter to work? I have the same problem and am wondering if I should just get a new adapter or order a cable from linksys.

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