Cable modem Ethernet and USB

That would probably depend on the modem, but I wouldn't do that anyway.

What I would do:

1) Get a wireless G router that has a 4-port ethernet switch (not a B router and none of the super G etc stuff). 2) Connect the PC to the switch using ethernet (drop the USB crap). If you don't have an ethernet card on the PC they're only $10-20 or you could also go wireless if you don't want to have the router near the PC for $20-40. 3) Get a wireless card for the laptop if it doesn't already have one. Same brand as router if possible. 4) The brand should be Netgear or Linksys (my preference) and the router should be avail. for $30 for Netgear and $40 for Linksys on sale almost every week at one store or another. 5) Follow instructions with router for setup.
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just wondering something. do not have the specific model name and numbers of the cable modem ... but i have a friend with a cable modem and service now with one PC. the pc is connected to the cable modem via a USB cable. The cable modem also has a ethernet connector that is currently unused. She wants to use her new laptop via wirelss so i am offering to help her buy a router and stuff. But the PC does not have an ethernet card. So the question is. Can the cable modem work with both a USB cable plugged into it and a wireless router plugged into the ethernet at the same time?


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William D Faris

Not usually. The cable provider will provide one tcp/ip address via USB OR Ethernet.

If you paid for two ip addresses - then Ethernet and USB at the same time would work.

Go get a cheap Ethernet card, or a USB / Ethernet's a USB device that converts the USB port on the pc to Ethernet.

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