WRT54G router and existing Asus ADSL modem.

Hi all,

I wonder if anyone can help me with a setup problem I am having?

I have the following setup?.

I have a static IP 194.xx.xx.xx and have an asus ADSL modem that provides broadband to my fixed line network of PCS via a 4 port hub. This setup has been working fine for a number of years.

I have my new WRT54G and I want to put it on the network. I have tried to put it on the network by taking a line from the 4 port hub into the ?internet' port of the WRT54G and plugging in a PC into one of the 4 other ports on the WRT54G. I can ping the WRT54G from the PC on and get into the web interface. I have my PC LAN connection setup as per instructions to DHCP and the PC has been given an address of as expected. All looks fine

However I'm unsure as to how I can get ?internet' access on the PC, and what settings I put in the ?setup' page for the WRT54G? Should I be using DHCP configuration? Or static IP? If so,What should I have for IP, subnet, gateway and DNS?

The ASUS modem has it's own IP of I can't ping that from the PC through the WRT54G, (I could previously in the original setup).

Any help greatly appreciated.

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I would plug the modem into the wrt54g wan port and use the 4 lan ports on it. If you need more ports plug the hub into one of the wrt54g lan ports. Set all your pcs to use DHCP in the TCP/IP properties. Have the Wrt54g to use DHCP

On one of your pcs that can currently connect to the internet, assuming win2000 or xp go the the command prompt Start --- Run--- Type in CMD ( if the window wont stay up go to (programs, accessories, command prompt) Type in ipconfig /all This should give you a list of DNS servers (2) to enter into the wrt54g (if you need to) The default gateway is the address of the wrt54g i.e. The subnet mask will be


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