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Does anyone know whether some wireless network cards will not connect to a wireless network with WPA encrytion? I have a USB D-Link wireless network adaptor and I'm trying to connect to a friend's wireless network that has WPA encryption. It finds the SSID of the network ok, when trying to connect it prompts for the encryption key but it it just goes through a loop of aquiring the network address but can't find it. After a while it says its connected but with limited or no connectivity. I can't find another PC on the network and it is not assigned the correct IP Address that is in the range of the network. There is no Internet access either. My friend won't remove the WPA encryption so I wanted to see there are problems with having WPA encryption on the wireless network and certain wireless network cards (even USB) in the first place. Also, if I connect via the ethernet cable to the wireless router it connects ok and there is internet access.

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Nope. Not without the maker and model number of your DLink USB contrivance, and the make and model of the wireless router. The operating system and update level would be useful. Extra credit for the firmware versions and checking for the latest DLlink driver is installed.

Is this a Vista laptop. If so, there are DHCP problems.

With XP, I've had problems with WPA2-AES. Some clients just can't seem to get it right. If I switch to TKIP, it usually works. Firmware updates usually solve that problem except on really new devices or old devices where the firmware authors reintroduce old bugs.

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Jeff Liebermann

Actually, some wireless cards, specifically older ones, do not have all of the WPA capabilties as newer cards. Some only have TKIP, and not AES encryption; some can only do PSK and not Enterprise.

I'd take a look at the packaging that you got with the device and make sure that it supports WPA before going too far.

Chris Hutchison, CEO NetSteady Communications, Ltd

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