linksys wireless-g kit with WPA possible?

I have the Linksys Wireless G Network Kit which includes the WRK54G router/switch and the WPC54G PCMCIA network adaptor. It appears I've successfully configured the router and network card to use WPA-TKIP encryption. However when I contacted Linksys support to verify if my configuration was indeed possible I received two differenct answers. One from the online chat support team (who said I was OK) and one from email support (who said my router doesn't support WPA-TKIP yet). My machines are using Windows XP SP1 with all the latest SP1 patches. So the question is, do I have the WPA support from Microsoft and do I have the WPA support within the Linksys firmware and driver updates? I know I have the latest Linksys firmware and driver support.

Anyone else trying to use WPA with the router and card mentioned in this post?


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On Sat, 30 Oct 2004 01:17:25 -0400, news spoketh

Yes, the WRT54G and the WPC54G supports WPA-TKIP. If you have successfully configured your equipment to use this, then it doesn't really matter what someone else says can or cannot be done...

Lars M. Hansen

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Lars M. Hansen

Just wanted to make sure. The Linksys support site is very confusing as to which firmware, drivers, and patches are required for certain products.

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