Dlink G-mode & WPA-PSK

  1. G-mode

I have a Dlink DI-624+ and three USB adapters DWL-G122. I have replaced an old 22Mbit USB adapter and now only have G-devices in my system. I tried to change to G-mode only instead of mixed mode in the router but then I lost connection to my wireless USB adapters.

What is the trick?

  1. WPA

I also want to go from WEP to WPA-PSK as all devices now support that. How should WPA be configured? Is there a phrase or something and how should it be written? Will WPA slow down connection compared to WEP?


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replaced an

wireless USB

I have read about others having this problem but dont have an answer


Most will allow WPA or WPA-PSK. WPA uses open authentication (no key needed to authenticate). WPA-PSK )pre-shared key requires all connecting units to have the correct key to connect. TKIP is the encrytion used or some offer AES (AES is more processor intensive but a better encrytion). Its your choice which ever way is good. You will need to enter a key or passphrase.

64 bit encrytion requires 5 ascii characters or 10 hex characters, 128 bit requires 13 ascii or 26 hex. Examples 64 bit ascii = apple 128 bit ascii = appleandpeach 64 bit hex = FEDCBA9876 128 bit hex = FEDCBA9876543210FEDCBA9876
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