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I have a Compaq WL110 pcmcia wireless card. It seems to locate networks, but it will not keep a connection. Does this sound like a hardware issue, or a software one? My Dlink DWL-G650 connects to the network just fine, but when i switch cards, the signal drops all the time. Also, the compaq card locates a certian linksys network that my dlink one doesnt, does the dlink card have a shorter range perhaps? any help would be appreciated.

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This is a coincidence, I have the same issue, I have a wireless PCMCIA card made by Sitecom it's a WL-120

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and a USR2249 access point this has always worked well all around the house and in the garden. I have noticed very recently that my next door neighbour has also a wireless network, I know its Linksys 54, I also know it's mac address.

I find I can't use my laptop downstairs anymore as the neighbours signal and mine are approximately the same and its keeps dropping me from my wireless network. I was trying see if I can find his IP address or even attached to wireless LAN and use that.

I was wandering if there was a registry entry or something where by it will ignore all other wireless networks and just connect me to mine.

It's a possibility that your card and mine are made by the same manufacturer as the names are similar and we are having the same problem. As you have 2 cards, you have proven that there a certain problem with the WL110 or WL-120 and Linksys.


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You don't say what OS youre using. Its useful to post all relevant info...

Anyway if you're using WinXP you can go to the wireless config and set preferred networks. If you then remove the others, XP ignores them. This works for me - all three of my neighbours have wireless networks, and in some locations the signal is better than my own, but even when I roam from one AP to the other (I have one at the front and one at the rear of my house) I remain locked into my own network.

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