Wirelessly Accessible USB Hard Drive?

Hey all,

I'm just putting a new stereo in a car and I have a deck that will play MP3's off of any USB block storage device (assuming FAT32 file system). I have been hunting for some sort of USB drive that has wireless access (probably through some onboard Linux OS). I've seen a few wireless NAS options but all of them have USB ports purley to plug in additional USB storage media - I'm looking for something that my stereo can access as a USB drive via the USB port, but at the same time I can update via my home's wireless network.

Anyone seen such a beast floating around? I built a car computer last year but wasn't really happy with the results (too much IO on the USB bus).


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Not exactly what you asked, but may give you an ides... I have the buffalo linkstation on my wireless network

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) and store all my mp3's on there, so I can access them from any of the laptops/pda's etc, and just copy them to 1/2/4 GB jump drives for use on the car stereo (or the walkman/portable mp3 player type).. didn't seem to make any sense to get the cars to work with the wireless network, since if I'm in the car (or walking with the walkman type thing) I'm usually not home! That specific device has two USB ports (I have the 1 TB model), I use one for a network printer and the second for one of the el-cheapo 500 GB drives (use on the network for added storage, or hook it to each laptop for a way faster backup than wireless can do)... Haven't tried it to see if I can just use a jump drive off the linkstation, but they do make really nice jumpdrives with neck cords that are great for not home use...

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A USB storage device can't be connected to two hosts at the same time. If your stereo can't function as a network device and file server, you'll have to unplug the USB device from it and connect it to something else whenever you want to update the contents.

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