clone/copy a Nokia IP350 hard drive?

Is there a way to clone a hard drive (one to another) for the IP350/IPSO boxes? I have a new drive that I need to install on one of them to replace a potentially defective unit and would like to do it it this way instead of reinstalling the OS and then the apps and then restoring the configs.


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It's just a modified FreeBSD 3.x. 'dd if=/dev/XXX of=/dev/ZZZ" might just do the trick. Or dump/restore.


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Alan Strassberg

The dd command should do the work. (never tested)

If the drive came from Nokia, It should be already install with the IPSO. If it is the case (Nokia recall many 2.5 drive) you backup/restore from voyager and all should be OK.

If you did not know about this (recall), open a ticket with nokia and they will send you a drive with the image.

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'dd' it on another unix box, or download the g4u bootable CD and use it.


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