Please help me, i've never had trouble setting up one of these things before. its reset complete reset. Then, i was trying to set up security for it, just configure it (new location) and, i realized that i was connected to my neighbors unit, the exact same model, no security. I thought it was weird because my wifi card only picked up one LINKSYS in the area, i'd have assumed it was mine, being right next to the unit. So i disconnected, and picked the linksys again, this time with full bars. assumption over-ruled, and i assumed it was mine, again. first thing i did was set up a wap password and copied the encoded passcode. this is important because i dont have it anymore. i finally checked the status after being frustrated with the thing, after i reset my linksys unit. then i restarted my computer. funny thing is, i can only 'see' the linksys unit with the password security setup, my neighbors. i assume they cant connect to internet either, but we aren't on good speaking terms. long story. my computer, xp, will not 'see' two internet networks named "linksys" - it just sees one. i assume my unit is "extending" my neighbor's network, and i can't get it to configure seperately. it can see the security- enabled one, that i cant' connect to or configure, but i've already reset my unit, also named linksys, which it wont see or try to connect to. Is there something i can do with the mac address or something on the unit to connect to it and configure it separately from my neighbor's linksys network????

thank you anyone

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Change the ESSID for your router.

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Larry Finger

Got an ethernet card in your computer? If so, use a cable.....

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