Wireless with Windows ME problems

My belkin F5D7050 wireless adapter connects to the wireless network for about

5 minutes, and works fine. After 5 minutes or so, it stops functioning, and will not start up again unless the whole system is rebooted, and then again it will work for about 5 minutes and stop. After it stops, when i go to Windows systems screen and check the device manager, it does not appear at all; whereas when it is working it appears as a belkin wireless adapter.

why does this happen, and how can i stop it?

I don't have anything else connected to the usb ports except the adapter.


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Not necessarily helpful to your situation, but I have belkin adapters and a belkin wireless access point at work. All Windows XP Pro systems.

On one system, for no apparent reason, the connection will not work reliably unless I use the belkin client software. On the other systems I can use the Windows WZC fine.

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Jerry Park

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