How to be Wireless with Windows 2000????

Hello everybody, I hope somebody will be able to help me. I have 2 laptops at home that I want to use wireless. To do that, I recently bought and installed a LinkSys Access point. Since the first laptop uses Windows XP, I had no problem to make it work wireless. Instantly the computer has detected the wireless connection. It is with the other computer that I have problem.

The second computer does not use XP but Windows 2000 professional with a Centrino processor (by the way, I cannot uninstall Windows 2000 and replace it by XP, I have to keep Windows 2000). I have read that Windows 2000, even if I have a Centrino processor, is not made to automatically work wireless.

Can someone tell me, what I need to do or to install in order to make my second laptop work wireless and detect the wireless connection around.

Thanks a lot !! Nancy

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While Win2K does not have the fancy Wireless Zero Config stuff that WinXP does, it's still pretty easy to get WiFi working. Just load the drivers for the network card in question, and you'll get an application that'll walk you through setting up the card and connecting to your network.

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