Wi-Fi keeps disconnecting

My Wi Fi keeps disconnecting and reconnection quit often, dont know how to cure it. I have Netgear 814, WPA and MAC address filtering.

Setup normal ips - *.*.255

Tried various net cards but all the same.

Any one had anything similar.

Thanks for advices.

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Daniil Pette
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How often is quite often? Every 3 mins?Check 802.1x is not enabled on the router.

Every 30 mins?Check your wireless card is not going to power save mode when inactive for 30 mins.

Every x hrs? Please say whether regular or irregular. Which wireless cards have you tried? Make,Model and drivers Does your router have the latest f/ware? What OS are you using?

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It could be plain ol' interference.. try ahcnging the wifi channel on the router.. or run netumbler on the PC with your router turned OFF and see what's about. You could be on the same channel as another AP.

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Hi Daniil, I had the same problem - And I read from some good internet forums that your cordless telephone (especially 2.4 GHZ systems) interfere with 802.1 B wireless systems. I changed my router from Mixed (B and G) to G and reconnected my wireless laptop to the the network ..and Voila! - I have not lost connection since then!!! This is one option!!!

Good Luck SK

Daniil Pette wrote:

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Try a Google for winsockxpfix.exe

formatting link

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