Wireless router (or AP) with hardware on/off switch for WLAN

I'm looking for a wireless router (G or better N) with at least 4 ethernet port with the on/off hardware switch for the WLAN. So I need the router always on but with the possibility to switch on or off the WLAN.

Do you know witch one can fit these needs?

thank you! carlo

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Carlo Vellano
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If you don't want to simply turn it off and on from your browser (with the requisite menu-crawl), you might try slipping a couple of large tin cans over the antennae; as long as the "tin" cans are conductive (i.e., not plastic) and larger than the antennae, they will attenuate the radiated signal by a bunch.

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Bob Willard

Hi Carlo,

My Toshiba Laptop have a physical WLAN ON/OFF switch in the front, but with wireless routers I haven't seen such a product yet. You can still use two separate units, I mean a router and wireless access point with an Ethernet cable between them.


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On 7 Mar 2007 00:58:51 -0800, "Carlo Vellano" wrote in :

There is no actual n yet, only "draft n", with no guarantee of an upgrade to final n -- so I suggest saving money by going with good g instead.

That said, I personally don't know of any wireless router with a hardware switch that will turn the radio on and off -- they rely on web browser or other network interface.

Why do you want a hardware radio switch? If security is your concern, WPA with a strong passphrase will ensure that. (If you're really paranoid, go for WPA2.)

Otherwise, as has already been suggested, you could use a wired router, with a separate wireless access point (or wireless router configured as an access point) that you could turn on and off at will.

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John Navas

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