Speed issues connecting hard disk through wireless router


I have hooked up my USB hard disk to my wireless router via a cool little gadget called an NSLU2 by linksys, nice bit of kit I do say.

The only catch with this is, that it is a lot slower, my wireless connection is 54Mbps however it took me 15minutes to download about

600Mb worth of stuff, surely this cannot be right, so i wondering where in the network the limitations on speed could be ? My calculations (based on a network speed of 54Mbps) tell me this 600Mb file should have transfered in 88seconds! This is no where near what is happening. I hooked up to the rouoter via an ethernet cable and i got a similar problem, so I am thinking that the ethernet cables are not fast enough or that my nice bit of kit is causing the delays. Is there anyone out there that can offer some practical advice ? Could a faster ethernet cable make a difference ?
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