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Is it possible to set Wireless router to work as plain wireless network card? I have Linux on one PC, and it doesn't recognize my WLAN card. I would like to connect that Linux PC with UTP cable to one router and make that router work as wireless NIC. I tried WDS but it eats too much bandwidth.


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It would depend on the router. I have a Buffalo WHR-G54S with DD-WRT third party firmware installed and it has a mode called

Client Bridged mode ? The radio interface is used to connect the LAN

side of the router to a remote access point. The LAN and the remote AP

will be in the same subnet (This is called a "bridge" between two

network segments). The WAN side of the router is unused and can

be disabled. Use this mode, e.g., to make the router act as a

"WLAN adapter" for a device connected to one of its LAN ethernet ports.

If your router has this mode then yes you can.


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Danny Kile

My Canyon router has these modes:

AP AP bridge-point to point AP bridge-point to multi-point AP bridge-wds

Is this "AP bridge point to point" mode you're talking about?

I also have Asus WL500g but it looks that it needs some custom firmware that is complicated to use.

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Not many WLAN cards are recognized by stock Linux distributions, but some are supported by downloadable drivers. I have recently liked various vendors' cards with Atheros chipsets on Redhat distributions.

What card do you have? Does it show up in lspci?

If you have a working wired NIC, you should be able to plug it into a Game Adapter.

Other than that, some routers have a client mode, but not many.

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I have Canyon CN-WF511 card. It shows up as Ralink RT2561/RT61 card and uses RT61 driver by default (Xandros 4.0 Linux, based on Debian). It can find my network SSID but when I try to connect I get "Unable to determine interface to use" message. I'll try to install Xandros 4.1 these days.

I tried to make it work with ndiswrapper but with no luck, because drivers don't have .inf file.

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On Tue, 8 May 2007 15:19:18 +0200, "joe" wrote in :

No. You need it to be a _client_ (not a host).

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John Navas

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