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[i posted this over at the comp.security.firewalls ng, and they told me to post this "to the professionals over at alt.internet.wireless."]

We run a Novell Groupwise server that had been connected directly to the internet using one of its NICs. Last week we put a Linksys WRT54G router with DD-WRT firmware (v23 sp2) between the Novell server and the cable modem. We have two employees with Blackberry phones that pull their email from the Groupwise server (using pop3; we do not have BB Enterprise Server). Since putting in the Linksys, they are not receiving their emails on the Blackberry devices. Of course, I have POP and SMTP ports forwarded to the Groupwise server, but I think the Blackberry requests use additional ports, but I have not been able to determine which ones I need to open.

Help greatly appreciated.

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For starters:

What are the IP configurations of the Linksys and Novell boxes? "Between" how? Switch ports for LAN and WAN port to I-net?

How can you ping (for instance) the Novell box from outside (fqdn, IP)? (Or telnet to port 25, whatever.)

Feel free to toss in any specifics of addressing, forwarding, blocking, testing.

New on your scene is the firewall in the WAP/router.

Doing AGS on "blackberry ip port" gets ~1k hits, with info on many aspects of blackberry. Including port 3100.

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The Linksys is configured for the one static IP address provided by the ISP. The ISP's cable modem is configured for static or bridge mode, so that's passed on to the Linksys WAN port. A network switch is connected to a Linksys LAN port. The PCs and Novell server are connected to the switch. The Novell server has two NICs - one configured for internet access, the other for the LAN. The Novell server provides DHCP.

Both NICs in the Novell server are configured with private IP addresses. I have ports 25 and 110 forwarded in the Linksys to the INET NIC in the Novell.

I am brand new to BB, so please excuse my ignorance. Am I correct that the Blackberry gets email via RIM or the cellular provider pulling the email from the server, in this case the Novell Groupwise server? Therefore, appropriate ports must be opened in the Linksys to allow the service in?

What I know is that the two employees' BBs have not receieved email since I put the Linksys in. I'm seeing packets dropped in the router log, which when traced back show RIM ip ranges. I just put the circumstances together as cause/effect. I may have all this completely wrong.

thank you for your help.


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