Choosing WLAN Router by MAC not by SSID


we've got a four-router-wds-wpa-WLANetwork here. DD-WRT on wrt54gl forces us to use the same SSID on all of them. Randomly routers stop sending data to all their wlan clients. As the wds connection keeps working, one then should connect to one of the other routers and restart the non working router.

I have several wlan adapter with software supporting that (Atheros, Intel, Longshine, ...). I still have a problem with two of my adapters (some old mini-PCI card and a sinus 154 USB wlan stick), they don't support choosing the router by MAC-address.

WPA Assistant and Netstumbler show the different routers. WPA Assistant even suggested that one could choose one of the routers and connect to it. This doesn't work for me however. When I click one of the routers in wpa assistant, it'll still do the same thing as MS WinXP's WZC would: Connect to the router with the named SSID having the best signal.

Is there a software to do this?

Thanks, Jack

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Jack Hambabo
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Kismet (or KisMAC if you are fortunate enough to have a Mac). With a card supported by your normal driver and the Kismet driver - that's needed to be able to connect directly from Kismet (or KisMAC).

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