Wireless Protocol Analyzer

I am currently in the need of a wireless protocol analyzer for my wireless
business. I have tried Commview at about $495, Linkferret at about $295 and
Airopeek SE at $995. Airopeek SE so far is the best of the 3 but the cost
is a tad bit more than I wanted to pay. Although if I buy one of the others
and then later want to
get Airopeek, I will have put out more money. I am looking for justification
to go ahead and spend the extra bucks up front. Any suggestions? Any I
havent tried that you know of? For $295 Linkferret is a great buy for just
the guts, but airopeek seems to save you time with all its options. I had
some problems with commview drivers so I am not sure if I will consider it.
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Have you thought about using the Auditor distribution of Linux?
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You may wanna read this article:
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pages) on wireless sniffers. Also, for a list of tools, see:
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(2 pages).
Have you looked at Linux sniffers? The problem with Windoze sniffers is that the standard drivers do not offer the required promiscuous mode necessary for sniffing. There are ways of finding such drivers, but I don't wanna go there now. Anyway, the Linux drivers all have promiscuous mode and therefore the common sniffer and protocol analyzers like Ethereal will work.
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's a rather large download, but worth it. You create a bootable CDROM, with all the necessary wireless tools and drivers included. That's what I use. Save you money and buy a cheapo laptop to run it.
Knoppix-STD is another bootable Linux distribution crammed full of network and wireless tools:
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Jeff Liebermann
consider it.
"Jeff Liebermann" wrote in message
Thanks for the articles.
I have ethereal installed on a windows machine, but like you say I need a promiscuous driver for it.
Gee, theres a lot of stuff there. Im downloading and going to try it out. Like you said rather large.
This looks like a good one to try also.
Thanks Jeff
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Jeff, thanks for the auditor turn on.....it is awesome
airhead james
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