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Our computer club is getting ready to install a wireless network setup in the building we use. Range to furtherst point probably less than 100 ft. Maybe 5 or 6 computers using the network for classes etc. etc. etc.

What is the best / fastest / latest / most robust (?) protocol?

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Well, you have a few choices. 802.11G uses 2.4ghz spectrum and has speeds up to 54mbs. This is a good choice if there are not alot of 2.4ghz interference or other networks in the area.

802.11a uses the 5ghz band and is less crowded and a bit less susceptible to interference due to phones, microwaves, baby monitors and the like. It is also 54mbs. All devices must be 802.11a capable.

Pre-802.11n technolgy by Belkin is rumored to be very good and has speeds up to 108mbs. Although all devices must be Belkin pre-n for true performance.

There are 802.11 Super and Turbo G products on the market that boast speeds up to 108 but then again, every device must be Super G or Turbo G capable or they will all run at 54mbs of less.

Thats it!

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How about the most compatible? You'll probably have people drifting in with random laptops containing random wireless cards. 802.11b will work with just about anything they drag in. 802.11g access points will do both 802.11b and 802.11g, so that's an improvement for little cost. 802.11a (5.6GHz) is not very common. Just about anything else is proprietary or not ready for prime time. I would go with an

802.11g access point or wireless router. 100ft won't be a problem if you have line of sight. If this is a "computah club" like inside a building, are you going through some walls? If the walls are impervious to RF, you may need more than one access point.
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