specific ip address for ftp?

I have an ftp set up on my computer. I am running a network with a linksys router. The issue I have is everytime my computer hsa to restart, or there is a problem with the cable internet and it goes down, it restarts my computer with a different ip address (sometimes xx.102, sometimes xx.100, etc) no I have port forwarding set on xx.

102, but when it changes, then my ftp doesnt work. Is there a way to have my router ALWAYS set my computer with the server to be xx.102 no matter how many times it restarts?
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There are a couple of options, but they depend on the capabilities of your router. You'll need to log on to it (http:// and then the address of the "Default Gateway" as given by the ipconfig command in a command prompt).

You need to avoid the router handing out an address which is already assigned to the PC - that way madness lies...

1) If you have the option to extend the length of the lease of an address, that can be enough. Longer the better for your situation. Then the router simply remembers that the PC had address xyz recently, and gives it out again. Many routers allow this. 2) You can assign a fixed IP address to the PC, but it's only safe to do this if you can tell the router only to issue addresses (the "scope") in a range which doesn't cover the fixed IP you've set. Many routers allow this. 3) Best overall, if you router will do it: some DHCP servers (your router is doing this) allow you to reserve specific IP addresses for specific devices, recognised by their "MAC" address (letters and numbers separated by colons, usually). Your router may conveniently list "attached devices" (alias "clients" and other terms) in which case it will usually tell you their MAC addresses. Alternatively, ipconfig /all will give you the MAC address (as "physical address"). Then the router will always dish out the same address (you specify it) to the same bit of kit. Most routers don't do this, sadly - it's really useful!

Phil, London

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Philip Herlihy

Yes - all presented in the thread dated July 26 in this group ' reserved ip vs manually assigned'

in simple terms - configure your server to have a static ip address


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