Wireless network slow on some sites

Hi, I just installed a Belkin Wireless G router on my network to be used as a wireless access point. Since using my laptop with the wireless network connection I found some downloads to be slower than when I used to use the laptop with my wired LAN. I ran a speedtest on the wireless LAN and found it to read 165kbps which was the same result I was getting on the wired LAN. However, downloading from rapidshare and other sites has revealed a maximum speed of around 50kbps on the wireless LAN whereas I would get at least 150kbps on the wired LAN. Strange thing is though, downloading from sites like adobe.com I get speeds

150kbps-160kbps on the wireless LAN just as I would normally get on the wired LAN. Why is there this large fluctuation in download speeds from different sites, there was never this big a fluctuation on the wired LAN??? I had the laptop sitting right next to the router when doing these downloads with a 100% signal strength and the router set to G and 54mbps tx rate. Help is greatly appreciated :).

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