Hi all, Could anyone please tell me if its possible to connect a NETGEAR DG834 ADSL wireless router to an AMBIT 250 cable modem, Also if it is any help would be much appreciated. THANX:confused::confused:

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Do you want us to read the manual for you?

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curly Bill

My crystal ball says you want to set up a wireless network with your wireless DSL device that will be connected to your cable modem.

Since this is going to be an unconventional setup, the manual may not be any help for a novice install.

The DSL modem isn't connected to a DSL line, so any setup wizards most likely aren't going to work; you'll have to configure it yourself.

Connect the output of the cable modem into the four LAN ports of the Netgear (NOT the single Internet or WAN port).

Since I have no idea if your cable modem can do DHCP or static, actually...I could look it up, but even if I did, telling you that wouldn't be much help if you don't have the *basic* understanding of networking.

A local computer tech could get you running for umm...around a $150 for a five minute premise visit to get you connected.

Seven minutes if you have Vista.

Ok...make it an hour if you have Vista.

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