Wireless network security setup help.

I have just set up a wireless network at home between my desktop and laptop. Using a D-link adsl2+router (DSLG6424T). Everything is working as it should but I'm trying to secure it properly. The manual that came with it is thin on detail.

I have change the default login password from admin to something else (this is for access to the router via a web browser, changed the SSID name to something non descriptive.

I'm now on the WEP/WPA screen which I have selected WPA and it now says "group key interval" then has a predefined number in the corresponding box, don't know what it is ? do I need to do anything here or just leave it alone. Then is says 802.1X and then asks for a servier IP what do I put here the IP of my router or my isp dns server ? then it says the port. Then asks for a "secret" then it says PSK Hex and has a box for my input ? and under that it says PSK String and a box for me to enter something. Both these last options are radio buttons so one is only electable. Under the same config screen of the router is asks if I want to allow AP (access point" which by default it is selected.

Thats more or less what I need help with.

Thanks for any guidance.

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"Matt" hath wroth:

Leave it alone. The 3600 is the number of seconds until the access point refreshed the encryption key to the clients.

You goofed. What it's asking you to do is point to a RADIUS server. You probably don't have a RADIUS server. Go back to where you select the encryption type and select either: WPA-PSK or WPA2-PSK PSK means "pre-shared key" or do it without a RADIUS server. Linksys calls it "WPA-personal".

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Jeff Liebermann

Glad you made sense of my post :)

Ok have followed you instruction and corrected my mistake.

Thanks Jeff

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