Wireless Security question.

Please excuse my lack of knowledge with regards to routers and wireless security. I have a very simple network setup:

1 laptop Linksys DSL modem BEFW11S4

The connection between my laptop and the router is wireless. I have been using this for a year or so with no problems. I recently updated the firmware for my router. I noticed that the default for Wireless Security is Disabled. Should I enable Wireless Security? If so, should I go with WPA?

If I go with WPA, it allows me to enter a "key" and also a "Group renewal period". My questions are: How important is the key? Is it important to use a large key and remember it? Do I need to enter a Group renewal period? If so, what is a reasonable time period to enter? And finally, will I need to do anything to my laptop to allow it to connect to the router and hence the internet after I enable WPA?

TIA for any help, Bill

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You should not leave anything in the out of the box default state as everyone else in the world knows about the default state of the router. You need to change the settings. I gave you that information in a link on wireless security for the home in another NG.

The key should be a strong key and there are tools that can help you make that key use Google to find them.

It should be a *strong* type key -- not easy to crack like if you use

*BEFW1114* as that would be easy to crack. And if you forget the key held in the router, which the wireless card will need that key is where you would have problems with the key as the card can loose the key for some reason, then you can *hard* reset the router back to its default out of the box state settings and you can start over. Of course you should set the card to match the WPA key of NONE or BLANK as that's the default state after the hard reset of the router. Most people have a wire computer connected to the router for configuration ease access to the router's Admin screen when wireless access issues arise.

I don't know I don't use wireless anymore.

I don't know I don't use wireless anymore.

The WPA key used on the router and the WPA key used on the wireless card must match otherwise the computer will not be able to connect to the router and access the Internet.

You can also look into using wireless MAC filtering on the router, which will stop the novice wireless hacker like your next door inexperienced neighbor.

Duane :)

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Hi, Others will respond to your question. Just imagine you going to work leaving the entrance door of your house wide open. Tony

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