2 Questions about Broadcom network adapter

While researching an *update* pop-up that I got [and denied] while at a new web site, another question arose about my laptop security.

First question is, has anyone with a Broadcom 802ll.g ever gotten an update message about bcmwltry.exe? Because I was visiting a new web site when I got that pop-up message and didn't know what it was, I denied it.

After checking Broadcom's site they say they don't offer support [i.e. driver updates, etc.], so my question is, would a Windows application do this? I need to know if this is an update I need.

Second question is, while looking at Broadcom's properties on my laptop, I saw that it says the security is TKIP/WEP/AES. My Linksys router is setup for *WPA2*, and that is what I thought I had on both.

Can someone explain to me what security protects my laptop? Is only my desktop [directly connected] using WPA2? How does this work? bj

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Good move. However, HP and Compaq both have automatic driver updates that will pop up at the most inconvenient times and not offer much of a clue that it's a real update. Dunno about bcmwltry.com, but that doesn't sound familiar.

Go to the manufacturers web site of your unspecified manufacturer and model laptop. See if there are any updates to download manually.

Look again. It should probably be TKIP/WPA/AES

WPA uses TKIP encryption. WPA2 uses AES encryption. WPA2 also known as 802.11i. There are also multiple 802.1x EAP authentication schemes and a choice of pre-shared-key, or getting the encryption key from a RADIUS server.


for details.

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Jeff Liebermann

It's the Broadcom Wireless Lan tray bar application.

Thanks, I forgot about checking Gateway's web site. I'll do that. :)

That is what it says under "Link Status", which I think [now] just covers *anything possible* for this adapter. Under "Wireless Networks" in the same "Properties" boxes... I have since found, it says "WPA-PSK". The complete info on my WRT54-G router is WPA2-Personal, TKIP+AES.

Seems like I remember, every time I tried to change the router info to AES only... it would always change back. I left it alone, because everything was working.

Thanks for the link! This [below] *seems* to describe my setup:

Do you agree? If so, is the client my laptop and the router the access point? Which would mean my laptop is using WPA/TKIP not WPA2/AES? bj

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chicagofan hath wroth:

Ah... bcmwltry.com is Broadcom Wireless Tray. Did the update thing offer you just that tray application for an update? That seems a bit odd but possible because the tray application is usually nothing more than a glorified connection manager, which is usually seperate from the wireless driver. It might be for real.

Ok. It's a Gateway laptop. Progress, I guess.

Maybe. I have an HP laptop in the office with a Broadcom wireless card. However, I don't recall it ever mixing WEP with TKIP/AES, which are features of WPA.

Ah. It's a WRT54G. Progress, I guess. (Hint: In the future, kindly disclose what hardware you're using).

It shouldn't do that. I don't use the stock WRT54G firmware so I don't recall if that's a bug or problem with your browser cache. If a firmware bug, it might be useful to check the Linksys web pile for the latest firmware update.

Well, I can't answer that because I don't know the exact WRT54G mutation that you're using. There are 7 different hardware version numbers and a myriad of firmware versions. Some support WPA and WPA2. I don't recall if mixed mode is supported by the WRT54G and I'm too lazy to check every single version of firmware. I checked the later version for WRT54G v5 and mixed mode is apparently *NOT* supported. I say apparently because it's not in the setup or online docs. My WRT54GS with DD-WRT v23 sp2 does support mixed mode where it is listed as a seperate encryption mode.

Your laptop is the "client". The wireless router is a conglomeration of ethernet router, wireless access point, and ethernet switch. In the quote from the Cisco web site, they are referring only to the wireless access point section. Your WRT54G would qualify.

I can't tell what it's using. Having the setting change by itself indicates that something isn't working correctly. I would investigate that problem (i.e. firmware update).

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Jeff Liebermann

It was bcmwltry.exe file only, I was asked to update, and checking Gateway's site I see they have had 2 Broadcom driver updates since I purchased my laptop [the last one in Nov. 2006], but they don't update them automatically.

I've got to find my laptop serial no. to make sure I need to download any of those updates.

Gotcha, will do. Since I was not having any problems and just looking for educational info, I didn't think that level of detail was needed. Sorry... :)

My version is v6, and I believe it has the latest firmware upgrade, I'll check the Linksys site though to be sure.

Thanks for reducing my ignorance [i.e. client vs access point], and other advice. bj

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