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This is my first posting in this group...hi!

I'm looking to purchase a wireless media player that'll be used primarily for music. I've a number of requirements but not too sure what product to go for. Does anyone have any suggestions - good or bad!

- My music is currenly on an external USB hard drive - I may look to update to an external harddirve running off a wireless router.

- I have a next generation NetGear router

- Ideally I'd like something that has its own display so that I don't need to connect to a TV

- I remote control would be useful ;)

- Something future proof i.e. will be able to utilise bandwidth capabilities of a Next Gen wireless router

I've looked at a couple of products - Squeezebox 3 and the Roku Soundbridge. Does anyone no of anything new in the pipeline that'd be worth waiting for?



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On 27 Mar 2007 07:34:09 -0700, "MattBromley" wrote in :

My personal preference is the Apple Airport Express, which can drive any self-powered home audio gear. iTunes on an old laptop computer is used to drive the system with stored music, Internet radio, etc. Works wonderfully well. Cost effective. Highly recommended.

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John Navas

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Philips SLA5520 if you want to hook up the music on your HD to your stereo wirelessly. Small and good looking, with a blue display, remote control and WPA-AES support. Plays mp3, wav and internet radio. 129 euro. Exactly what I had been looking for. Possibly not available worldwide.

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