Multicast not working over WiFi?

I've got an SMC Barricade 7004AWBR. It's your basic cheapo residential DSL router with integrated wireless access point and 3 10baseT ports.

I recently got a Roku M1000 SoundBridge, which is supposed to be able to talk to an iTunes server. To make a long story short, if I put both the M1000 and my iTunes server on 10baseT ports, it works fine. If I move the M1000 to WiFi and leave the iTunes on 10baseT, the M1000 can't find the server.

A bit of packet sniffing has let me to the conclusion that the access point isn't passing multicast packets between the 10baseT ports and the wireless. The M1000 uses Rendevous to locate the server, and Rendevous uses multicast.

If I do:

tcpdump -x -s 0 ip multicast and src

(where is my iTunes server) on both the server itself (on the

10baseT side) and on a laptop on the wireless side, I see Rendevous packets on the server itself, but not on the wireless.

So, my question is...

Is it possible that my access point is not passing multicast packets? I would have thought it would be doing transparent layer-2 switching between the 10baseT and wireless sides, and wouldn't care what's going on at the IP level.

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Roy Smith
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There are compatiblity issues with various routers/APs and the Roku, I checked the website and your SMC has not been confirmed to work with it, although, others have had some luck (with other brands) by upgrading their routers firmware.

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Just wondering -- do you have Connect running and the Roku activated?

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What is "Connect"? And, yes, the Roku is working with another iTunes server on the wireless side of the network. It only has trouble seeing a server on the 10baseT side.

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