Suggestions For Wireless In Hotel Environment


I am after some suggestions. I may be setting up a wireless network in a hotel environment soon. Things I would like to acheive:

1.) Security (obviously) - I appreciate WEP is full of holes and not recommended these days, so I need to decide on a standard to use. Which leads me to point 2...

2.) Ease of use. Whatever security is implemented needs to be completely idiot proof. Ideally, something like a USB dongle or a simple web page the users are directed to initally to authenticate.

3.) Possibly looking at charging the users for the privilige. I'm sure there are plenty of packages for this on the market but I have no experience of any of them.

It would obviously be very nice if I could find points 1 - 3 in one package, but so far I've drawn a blank.

I'm in the UK by the way.

Many Thanks, Matt

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