Wireless Connection Unstable

1) How do you determine if your wireless adapter supports rf monitor mode?

2) Are there any cards/adapters that do support RF monitor mode?

PS: I'm not talking about promiscuous mode, as I care nothing about anything after the MAC layer; I would just like to see why my connection is very unstable. Granted, I do have a cheap access point & wireless USB adapter (total came to about $50), but I would like to see if there is a reason why they get disconnected. I have done the basics and have even gone as far as to put the access point within 2 feet of the computer with the wireless card and low and behold the connection gets broken (but reconnects with each other within 2-3 minutes).

Would the access point or the usb adapter probably be the most to blame?

I'm not looking into a "just buy this" solution you'd hear from a Best Buy salesman or whatever. You can give me the technical details. I've tried to use Ethereal but apparently my cheap usb adapter doesn't support rf monitor (or even promiscuous mode). There are no other access points in my vicinity (of my apartment) so please don't think I have malicious intent. I just have an investigative mind.

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Sounds like something is interfering with your equipment. IE. cordless phones, microwave ovens, other wireless equipment, perhaps a neighbors. Have you changed the channel? Try channel 1 or 11

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