Wireless connection NIGHTMARE!

I've worked in IT for a number of years, but only recently have been configuring wireless networks, whether it's a wireless router, or a wireless access point.

I opt for a D-Link 2100AP. Automatically - i.e. NO security it works with my dads Dell laptop, AND my Asus laptop.

An 'open' access point simply isn't good enough for my security needs. I've tried using all sorts of encryption 'mehtods' that both the router and the laptops should support!

I cannot get a connection!!! It's driving me crazy!

One issue seems to be the Asus, and the Dell both have their own 'Wireless connection utilities' that function completely differently to each other and different to the Windows wireless configuration settings.

Does anyone know of a good website, or a step by step guide to get my wireless access point working with both laptops, and in a secured way? I can ill afford someone next door browsing my network and using my internet connection!

I have a broadband modem, going into a router, the wireless access point then connects to one of 5 ports in the router.

Any help would be most appreciated!

Thank you.

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Hmmm, Maybe it's only me but wired or wireless, I never had good epxerience with D-link anything. Linksys and Buffalo with dd-wrt firmware worked well for me. I am using Asus WL-500gP with dd-wrt now. No issues between Powerbook, two Thinkpad T42 and 3 desktops(WXPPsp2, W2Ksp2, W98SE) scattered in the house.

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Tony Hwang


I've just locked it down so the wireless router > K>

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