Wireless connection problem.....

I've a Netgear W602 Access Point connected to my home network (with a router and 2 PC) and have to connect to another home network with behind a Zyxel Prestige 660 wireless router. I've tried several configuration but without success. Setting the AP as a Point-to-Point Bridge with client flag checked I can find the Zyxel typing the correct MAC Adress with a 50% signal strnght but cannot go further. Don't know how to configure the Zyxel and don't know how to search for an AP. I've tried with a Wi-Fi notebook and have succesfully connected to the Netgear AP. Have tryed to configure on the same adress

192.168.0.x both network with fixed IP ( for Netgear AP and for Zyxel) but nothing happens :(

Please help..... :)

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Hi May be this can Help. Wireless Bridging:

formatting link

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